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Assignment Instructions
Assignment Preparation

In order to provide a firm basis for the ongoing monitoring and management of our performance, we always conduct a Security Survey Audit to review the following issues: The Security Audit will provide the basis for a Security Plan that would contain recommendations for any adjustments to current policies and procedures, as well as cost effective options to enhance security, should these be considered necessary and appropriate.

We believe that any Client relationship should involve continuous co-operation and partnership. In this way, we have a sound basis upon which to build a service that entirely reflects our Client’s needs. Also, such a relationship will establish communication channels that will bring any non-conformance of the requirement to our attention at the earliest possible opportunity ~ remedial action can then take place without delay.

The Security Plan is the basis for the production of detailed Assignment Instructions. These contain the specific rules, procedures and guidelines for the execution of all security staff duties. Once agreed, they form part of our contract and will be linked to our Service Pledge. Copies are held on site and in our Control Room. As a living document, Assignment Instructions are subject to continuous review and, when necessary, amendment, so as to ensure that the security systems evolve to meet changing threats and risks.

Assignment Management

We maintain a high management to Client ratio, enabling us to provide reliable and professional services and effective management and support to our deployed security supervisors and officers.

Our aim is to: A dedicated Operations Manager will be ultimately responsible for the performance of 24-7 operational staff on site. He/she receives weekly site status reports and personally visits all sites every month, to meet and inspect our security staff and to discuss their performance with Clients. 24-7 also produces quarterly Assignment Audit Reports for Clients, to ensure that Security issues are constantly reviewed, assessed on a month by month basis.

To ensure that 24-7 deliver the expected high level of service to Clients we provide Mobile Supervisors to visit each site and monitor and maintain a high level of service, 24-7 mobile supervisors are on duty around the clock, 24-7 Security Solutions operates a 24-7 working policy.

Mobile Supervisors would attend all sites on an adhoc basis, as well as in accordance with schedules agreed with Clients. In an emergency, or should the need arise, Mobile Supervisors will cover a vacant position until a suitably trained Officer has been placed on site.

24-7 Security Solutions Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.

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