24 - 7 Security Solutions
Don't you think its time to use 24-7 Security Solutions
Mission Statement

The objective of our organisation is to provide the best professionally managed security services Protecting People, Property and Products right around the clock.

We pride ourselves in maintaining high standards from our employees to enable us to maintain high standards of service to our customers

- We will ensure an innovative, bespoke and personable approach to our customer requirements.
- We will continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers and groups key performance indicators in operational and commercial sectors.
- We will provide our customers with a professional, reliable and cost efficient service that gives total reassurance and confidence at all times.
- We will manage our business proactively, targeting continual improvement in our services wherever practical.
- We will provide attention to detail at all levels and at all times
- We will validate all security activities are supported by the appropriate accreditation
- We will have a pro-active and professional attitude with Clients, Staff, General Public and Local Authorities
- We will establish and maintain positive relationships with key personnel from Local Police Licensing teams, Local Authorities and the Security Industry Authority SIA.
- We will provide core values of listening to our customers and employees, meet needs in a timely and professional manner and to deliver a quality service.
- We will be responsive to change and recognize the importance of working with customers to maximize performance and added value for our customers.


Service Pledge

We are always striving to improve the service we offer to our customers by listening and responding to their needs.

Our customer pledge describes our service standards – the levels to which you can expect us to perform to when delivering our services.

We will continue to deliver services in the most effective and efficient way to provide the best possible value for money for our customers.

- Respect: We treat all customers equally and with courtesy, fairness, and dignity.
- Engaging: We want to listen and learn from our customers to make sure we understand your needs and can tailor our services to meet them.
- Professionalism: We continuously develop our knowledge, skills, and abilities as much as possible in order to provide the best service.
- Commitment: Our approach is based on our commitment to our customers and continuous improvement whenever and wherever possible.
- Integrity: We want to be open and honest with our customers so that they know they can trust us. We will be accountable for our actions and will follow through with our commitments.
- Accountability: We value the opportunity to serve and pledge that our conduct will always merit the trust of our customers. We accept full responsibility for our actions and will take appropriate measures to meet customer and professional expectations.
- Improving: We want to make sure we are continually improving our services so that they are flexible and can change as our customers’ need change.
- Service: We strive to show our commitment to serve by placing the needs of others ahead of our own. We are committed to enhancing safety and increasing the customer’s confidence in security. We will work in partnership with our customers to  identify and solve problems that affect the quality of life on campus.
- People: We want to be an employer of choice. Our services are delivered through people so we know we need to invest in them.


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