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Quality People
24-7 staff are our most important asset and considerable time and resources are devoted to recruiting, selecting, vetting, training and retaining the right people. Stable working teams are the mainstay of any security operation and it is a key goal to make sure that 24-7 build effective teams that are both responsible and accountable for the well-being of people and property on any Client’s sites.

As it is understood that 24-7 are only as good as our people on site, each complement of staff is carefully chosen, to fulfil the needs of individual contracts and arrangements.

It is crucial to our success that 24-7 have the right person, doing the right job, at the right time. The type of person required for a high profile Security Contract, where regular interface with the Public is a feature of their role will, most likely, be quite different from the personality required from a static overnight Guard.

Recruitment & Vetting

Finding the right people with the necessary personal qualities and skills for the job is demanding. 24-7 therefore have to attract a large number of applicants and make extensive use of all the available resources for finding new recruits.

Our prime sources are: We encourage Clients to become involved in the final stages of the recruitment process if they wish to do so, to ensure they are content with the selection of staff who will be assigned to their site.


Our selection process starts with an applicant’s first contact and is followed by completion of a detailed application form, interviews and literacy tests and a 13 week probationary period of employment.

The primary criteria for selection are: Vetting

24-7 Security conduct thorough background and reference checks on each applicant in accordance with BS 7858.

Initial telephone vetting is carried out at the time of interview and written confirmation follows. Full enquiries go back for a minimum of ten years.

24-7 Security where necessary can process a criminal record check, utilising the Data Protection Form.
Security Screening Process
Induction Training

All new staff are trained and qualified to the standards stipulated in BS 7499 and must attend and pass a level two in Security Guarding and SIA Licensed.

Assignment Training

All staff selected and approved for the assignment, will complete Assignment Training, prior to operational deployment. Contract Managers are then responsible for site continuation training and will arrange for staff to be tested on assignment systems and procedures, on a minimum 3 monthly basis.

Specialist Training

We will arrange for training courses in a variety of additional specialist skills, including First Aid and Fire Prevention, where these are considered necessary. Specialist training is normally charged at cost to Clients.

Professional Training

Professional qualification training has a significant impact on the capabilities, confidence, initiative and performance of security officers and supervisors, and is a cornerstone in staff retention and stability. We have adopted the progressive SITO/City & Guilds training systems and provide the following courses: Retention

Retention of high quality staff is essential for stability and continuity. Our terms and conditions of service are constantly reviewed to ensure that we achieve this.

Currently they include: Dress and Appearance

Our Security officers are usually the first to meet and greet anyone entering our Client’s premises. They represent not only 24-7 Security, but more importantly, our Clients. Considerable effort is therefore devoted to their dress and presentation.

They are provided with smart uniforms designed for their specific tasks, with variations to cater for weather and seasonable changes.

These can be adapted to meet Client requirements, should this be requested.

24-7 Security Solutions Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.

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